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Abeera AtiqueABEERA ATIQUE has been in the field of Art since the age of three. Having attained a Masters Degree in Fine Arts, she has been displaying her works in a variety of different medias for over 20 years. Abeera has been part of various exhibitions and is very well known among the artists of not only Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, but also throughout the NESA (North East South Asia Conferences) region.

In August 2014 Abeera moved to UAE to join The Emirates National School as an MYP, DP Visual Arts Teacher and an Art & P.E Department Coordinator. Prior to that she was teaching Fine Arts at Dhahran High school in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

In her thirteen years at DHS she was also named the Art Department Chair and NESA (North East South Asia Conferences) Rep for the International Schools Group across Saudi Arabia. She has been a part of NESA since 2000, and has been attending the NESA conferences for the past 13 years internationally. Abeera has aslo been a regular presenter at the NESA Conferences held in Thailand as well as the Cover Page Illustrator for the official NESA Conference magazines six years in a row.

As well as NESA Abeera has been invited as a featured speaker by ECIS ( European Council of International Schools ) to Spain, and as a presenter at TARA (The Arabian Reading Association) held in Bahrain and PechaKucha in Saudi Arabia. She has also been an active member of charity organisations such as Habitat for Humanity and TCF (The Citizens Foundation of Pakistan).

Alongside her Masters degree in Fine Arts Abeera holds a Bachelors degree in Home economics and numerous certifications in the field of ceramics, Digital Design, Interior Designing, English and a Toast Masters. With a solid 15 years of teaching experience, Abeera has mastered teaching all age groups in a multicultural environment.

Throughout her years as an artist, Abeera has had the opportunity to travel around the world and witness numerous Ancient and modern masterpieces of Art; from the Sistine Chapel in Rome to the Al-Hamra Palace in Spain. Abeera's thorough understanding of ancient roman and Islamic art has inspired the theme for many of her recent solo exhibitions.

In the past three years, Abeera has illustrated around 21 books out of which 9 have been published by Barnes & Noble and and were released in the market in March 2006. Due to these illustrations she has been offered numerous jobs in New York over the last two years; however her preference to remain in the Middle East has kept her from pursuing any such offers.

Abeera has most recently completed her Post Graduate Certification in International Education with merit from Nottingham University.

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Norma HidsonAbeera Atique is an amazing woman! She is an outstanding inspirational art educator and a fantastic artist! Abeera's works always display passion. Behind each piece that she creates you can see that there is a story. It could be of a adventurous hero or of a young reflective student. She paints with her heart and soul. Abeera's talents have spread throughout the NE/SA (Near East/South Asia) region of educators. Frequently she is asked to provide the cover design for various ISG and NE/SA programs. She is a talented, delightful, and gifted artist!

Norma Hudson
International Schools Group, Superintendent

Vargie JohnsonAbeera Atique: the Artist and the Illustrator. A magnificent illustrator, who on numerous occasions I have heard being described as a talented, innovative artist whose colorful work is full of imagination and understanding of the subject portrayed.However, it is her work in the medium of black and white ink sketches which captivated me. Abeera’s emphasis on detail brings her art pieces to life—it is for this reason that I asked her to illustrate the covers of 8 of my books using this style. As a person, once you meet her, you cannot help but be enthralled by her passion and devotion to art. She is an artist who has many different kinds of imagination: one filled with colors and design and the other filled with black and white images. The covers she did for my books are beautifully designed, bringing to life the complex characters that I have portrayed in my books. Go to my website and check out her illustrations that are on the covers of my books…

Vargie Johnson: Author of a number of historical-fiction novels.

Mark ChamberlainLawrence of Arabia: Writer and Warrior Whenever I promote my book I hang the illustrations Abeera did for me around the walls of the auditorium. Invariably they elicit very enthusiastic responses. Abeera's illustrations bring my book alive and provide striking visuals for a proud time in Arabian history. Whether still life or action Abeera's exceptional ability is more than equal to the task. Working with Abeera on a project is such a joy: she is so gracious and amenable to any request. Any writer lucky enough to work with her will be able to bring their work up to another level.
Mark Chamberlain
Lawrence of Arabia

DaveHabitat for Humanity Abeera is a free spirit and a joy. For five years she has supported the Habitat for Humanity program at Dhahran High School both with the funds she raised with her annual Art Show, and with her active participation on our trips to build houses in Sri Lanka. We can't imagine the Habitat for Humanity program here without Abeera. She has done so much to teach the students to live for others. Her art reflects this spirit in so many ways

Dave and Bernie Reeves
Dhahran High School Instructors

Sandy StappNational Honor Society Abeera Atique's colorful classroom at Dhahran High School is filled with engaged students who, on a daily basis, are inspired by their gifted instructor to create beautiful artwork. When her students speak of Ms. Atique, it is always in glowing terms with the words amazing, inspiring, generous and gifted used of her often. She has enriched our campus with her beautiful spirit and with the artistic gifts she shares so willingly with the students and staff. Students with little confidence in their artistic ability flourish under her watchful care and begin to enjoy the creative process. It is an honor to be on staff with Abeera Atique and exciting to see her work appreciated around the world.

Sandy Stapp
Dhahran High School Instructor

David ChojnackiNear East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools Abeera Atique's sensitive artwork has been featured in covers for a number of our conference programs. She manages to capture feelings and moods through her skillful use of line, color and theme in a unique way. Her love of her subjects comes through. (On a personal note, I have acquired some of her artwork for my home.)

David Chojnacki
Nesa Executive Director