My Biography

Abeera Atique ABEERA ATIQUE has been in the Field of Arts the age of three. Ever since the beginning of her career she has been displaying her works in a variety of different medias. She has been part of many exhibitions and is very well known among the artists of not only Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, but also throughout the NESA (North East South Asia Conferences) region. Presently she is working as a Fine Art Teacher, a Department Chair of Arts, and a high school NESA representative of with the ISG (International Schools Group) in Dhahran High school in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Mrs. Atique has a Masters in Fine Arts and Bachelors in Home economics. She holds certificates in the field of ceramics, computer programming, Interior Designing and English. Although Abeera has a great passion for teaching Fine Arts at a college level, due to Saudi regulations she is currently teaching at Dhahran High school Saudi Arabia. With a solid 9 years teaching experience, Abeera has been teaching Fine Arts to all age groups in different eras of her life.

Throughout her years as an artist, Abeera has traveled around the world and has a very good understanding of the History of Western and Islamic Art. She has been a part of NESA since 2000, and has been attending all the NESA conferences for the past nine years in different parts of the world. Abeera has been a regular presenter at the NESA Conferences held in Thailand as well as the representative of the ISG (International Schools Group) for the past four years. She designed the cover page for NESA Conference magazines for 6 years in a row.

As well as NESA Abeera has been invited as a featured speaker by ECIS ( European Council of International Schools ) to Spain, and as a presenter at TARA (The Arabian Reading Association) held in Bahrain and She regularly donates her art to help raise charity through different auction programs, organizations such as TARA (The Arabian Reading Association), and TCF (The Citizens Foundation of Pakistan).

In the past three years, Abeera has illustrated around 21 books out of which 9 have been published by Barnes & Noble and and were released in the market in March 2006. Due to these illustrations she has been offered numerous jobs in New York over the last two years. However, her preference to remain in the Gulf has led her to reject those excellent offers.

Currently Abeera is an active member of Cosmos Toast Master's Club in Saudi Arabia., and has recently accomplished her CC (Competent Communicator award in Toast- Master).